Hi~I'm Evan Watson, the founder of Flow Into Yoga!

I teach movement from the inside~out.

I believe that:

*YOU ARE beautiful and purposeful + deserving of being your very BEST SELF.
*YOU ARE deeply interconnected to the world around you and to the universe at large.
*YOU HAVE power over "the man" to CHOOSE a healthier lifestyle.
In working with me, you can begin doing the things that make your spirit feel whole > living in freedom + deeply connected to the world around you.

TOGETHER, we can create a world that is authentically connected through the love of:

*Moving fluidly
*Eating real foods
*Breathing fresh air
*Sharing in open dialogue

A little bit about the name...

"Yoga" = “to unite”

This uniting starts within the deepest layers of the self and extends to the furthest layers of the universe.

"Vinyasa" = “Flow”

On the mat, this looks like moving the body into various forms in synchronicity (or unity) with the breath.

And so became...Flow Into Yoga :)

The beauty is that there is no one size fits all to this "unity" or "flow".

YOUR PATH is intricately unique, so you can only start from where YOU ARE.

The flow is much deeper than being moved by the breath on the mat. As water effortlessly flows to fit the container, we too can flow through every facet of life.

More than yoga on the mat...

FIY offers cooking classes, wellness classes and private wellness guidance, with the aim of helping you find the same sense of balance, strength and peace while engaging with the real world.
In working with me, you learn how to find wellness practices that make sense for your body & lifestyle needs. You can expect to build healthy habits that will stick for a lifetime!

Why you should work with me...

I will always tell you - “you are free to let it go, you can do anything you really want to do, and you are deserving of feeling all the good that this world has to offer. Be with your wholeness. Trust that you are intricately connected to the highest good, and therefore are supported in your path towards wellness."
Mindful movement during the asana practice equates to mindful action in the real world. And that is my aim in this teaching: to guide you into fluidity on and off of the mat.
No experience, specific fitness level, body type, or life philosophies are necessary to work with me. If you’d like guidance, I would be thrilled to “unite” with you and, together, find the practices that bring you back into YOU.

If you're like me, you prefer to get to know someone before you start working with them. For that reason, I offer FREE CONSULTATION CALLS. Just reach out with an email or schedule yours through the FREE CONSULTATION OFFERING PAGE.