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Kitchen Time

Are you wanting to cook more healthy + creatively, without having to go to the store for specific ingredients or follow a recipe every time you want to make a meal?

I was raised in the kitchen, expected to spend family time during the prep, eating and cleaning of a meal. Sometimes it was frustrating, but it taught me so much of what I know about cooking food that just makes you feel good. In playing around on my own over the years, I have since made the cooking process into my own style by adding the flavor while keeping the food as natural as possible, incorporating the science of Ayurveda + throwing something together on a whim (rather than dwelling on what's for dinner all day).

I believe that we can cook mouth-watering meals without breaking the bank, the healthy diet or taking too much time out of the day.

I can teach you how to:

*Be more confident in the kitchen.

*Joyfully cook meals that you & your loved ones will thoroughly enjoy.

*Turn your favorite feel-good meals into ones that are healthy for body + soul

*Flip leftovers into a completely different dish so that you actually want to eat leftovers (and THAT is the biggest money saver!).

This can be done virtually or at my home on James Island. You will receive a zoom link when you register. Email me if you'd rather come to my home during that same or another time.

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Private Wellness Guidance

Wellness guiding based on YOUR unique body & lifestyle needs

  • YOU are built with a unique life circumstance, body, passions, struggles, goals, etc.. Thus, the details of your wellness practices will be made up specially for YOU.
  • I will guide you based on the sciences around Whole Foods, Ayurveda, Meditation + Mindfulness, Yoga + other forms of exercise, Journaling, Sleep + Rest.
  • Together, we will develop your personal "Wellness Booklet," which you can always turn to for inspiration and reminders.
  • These wellness sessions can include:

*Open dialogue of where you are in your journey

*Kitchen Time, in which I teach you how to make convenient, affordable and healthy meals based on what your body is needing in that moment.

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Saturday Vinyasa

Build heat and strength while being moved by the breath in this Vinyasa Yoga class.

Saturday, 10:00AM EST

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Private Yoga Session (in-person or virtually)

Are you searching for more grounding, flexibility, strength in your mind-body-spirit? This is the work that I do in my personal life (and yes, IT DOES TAKE WORK), and it brings me pure joy to share in that practice with others!

I am available to teach virtually or in-person at my home on James Island.

You are welcome to bring others into this session with you. No charge virtually. +$10/person if in person (for the tea and extra prep time at my home).

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A wellness program designed for YOUR unique body & lifestyle needs

August-November 2021

*More details + registration coming soon.

Connect virtually with a supportive community of women & develop a wellness lifestyle that you can maintain!

This 3-month program aims to bring you back to YOU through introductory level education & group support on the following topics: Sustainable Habit Building, Self-Reflection, Ayurveda, Whole Foods, Meditation, & Affordable + Healthy Cooking.

My aim is to help each woman find wellness practices that FIT WITH HER BODY & LIFESTYLE NEEDS. TOGETHER, we will fine-tune your skills in “coming back” to the TRUEST VERSION OF YOU!


+ 6-1 Hour "classroom"

  • Myself and outside teachers will educate on specific topics, leaving space for questions and discussion

+ 6-1 Hour Group Gentle Yoga Class

  • Together, we will breathe and move in a way that allows us to easily transition from a doing and thinking state to a "being" state

+ Support from other women who are on this path with you

  • All women are coming from different journeys which have led them to seek out this support system
  • Each session will instill a sense of trust and openness amongst the group
  • It will be encouraged to connect with women that you resonate with for enhanced camaraderie

**For more of the "behind the scenes" story, see the Be~Well~Transformation "Reflection" post.

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Yoga in the Workplace

Could your employee team use a little TLC? No matter what kind of services you offer, a weekly yoga class offering may be just what your team needs to bring in more joy, creativity, enthusiasm, and teamwork - all of which has the potential to increase productivity and therefore increase bottom line.

Together, we will start our weekly yoga sessions in true beginner/foundational format, and slowly work our way towards more advanced postures and philosophies.

$80.00/1 hour session