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Yin - Chakra Series

The ideal yoga practice allows us to unite with our highest and truest potential. As we whole-heartedly come into our own, we can then more fully unite with the surrounding world, both on the physical and energetic realms. Until this reintegration happens, we as humans often identity with the limitations of the physical world, making us feel an incomplete and limited potential.

As is represented in the Taoist Yin-Yang Symbol, true unity is the equal combination of light and dark – or any opposing nature. In this symbol, opposing shades lead seamlessly into the other, and there is also a part of each centering the other. Western styles of yoga often highlight the yang side of the practice, bringing us into our light, energy, and warmth. The yin side of the practice is equally important, especially in the darkest times of the year or day, bringing us into the still, calm and cool aspects of ourselves.

This 7-week long meditative Chakra-Yin Series is a wonderful way to draw us into the patient, tranquil and intuitive sides of our beings. The postures are gentle and supported with props so that the body can let go and be heavy. The transition movements between poses will be slow and steady, so as to keep the nervous system relaxed. These grounding poses will be held between 2-5 minutes (the latter for the most restorative positions).

The series will focus around the 7 chakras, or energy wheels, that reside in the subtle sides of our being. These energy points are the meeting space for nadies, the energy channels that allow life-force energy (or prana) to run through the body. Like rivers that allow the ocean’s water to nourish the earth, these nadies flow through the path of least resistance to bring energetic nourishment to the physical mind and body. When there are blockages in these energy channels, which happens most commonly at the intersecting chakras, the fluidity can be halted.