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**A wellness program designed for YOUR unique body & lifestyle needs**

January 21-April 8, 2021

Thursdays, 6:00-7:00PM EST

Connect virtually with a supportive community of women & develop a wellness lifestyle that you can maintain!

**If you cannot join Thursdays at 6:00, you can still participate by viewing the class recordings for a lesser to me if this is you!

This 3-month program aims to bring you back to YOU through introductory level education, private guidance & group support on the following topics: Sustainable Habit Building, Self-Reflection, Ayurveda, Whole Foods, Meditation, & Herbalism.

My aim is to help each woman find wellness practices that FIT WITH HER BODY & LIFESTYLE NEEDS. TOGETHER, we will fine-tune your skills in “coming back” to the TRUEST VERSION OF YOU!


+ 6-1 Hour private wellness guidance

  • Since each woman comes with unique life circumstances, bodies, passions, struggles, goals, etc. the details of each wellness practice will be made up specially for HER.
  • I will guide each woman on developing her personal "Wellness Booklet," which she can always turn to for inspiration and reminders
  • Option for "Kitchen Time," in which I teach you how to make convenient, quick and healthy meals based on what you're truly needing in that exact moment

+ 6-1 Hour "classroom"

  • Myself and 3 outside teachers will educate on specific topics, leaving space for questions and discussion

+ 6-1 Hour Group Gentle Yoga Class

  • Together, we will breathe and move in a way that allows us to easily transition from a doing and thinking state to a "being" state

+ Support from other women who are on this path with you

  • All women are coming from different journeys which have led them to seek out this support system
  • Each session will instill a sense of trust and openness amongst the group
  • It will be encouraged to connect with women that you resonate with for enhanced camaraderie

**For more of the "behind the scenes" story, see the Be~Well~Transformation "Reflection" post.

**Send me an email requesting to be added to this email list for more details!



$450 for 3 months

~option to pay $150 per month

**While this is very cheap compared to other wellness programs of this scope (coming to just $25/session), money should not prevent you from taking control of your wellness journey and being a part of a women's support group. Let's talk about how we can make it work for you!!

Pay options:

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OR to save $16 by paying through venmo @flowintoyoga. If you choose the latter option, be sure to contact me first so that we can verify that it's going to the right account :)


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